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Solar Power for your Business ON THE GOLD COAST AND BRISBANE areas.

“Solar is the most economical ways to power your business with returns averaging around 50% Annually”




  • We retail solar panel systems on the gold coast and Brisbane that produce 100kw per hour or or 420kw worth of free usable energy generated each day.
  • We use Official Tier One solar panels listed on the Bloomberg bank-ability report. Names such as Jinko, Canadian Solar, JA, Risen, QCells, Etc.
  • We also have a choice of many inverters available. Such as SMA, Fronius, ABB, Sungrow, Zeversolar and Solax.

We use several different steps when assessing the right system for you.

Step 1 Solar Window First, we look at the most power system will be producing power).

“Any electrical appliance that you can use during your (Solar Window) can literally be powered for free when the sun is shining at the relevant tine of the day to your panels position and pitch.”


Step 2 Solar Production Once we understand how and when you use your electricity we can calculate the best size system for your requirements.


Step 3 Quote Once we understand the business energy usage and the best place to put the panels we will be able to provide you with a quote.


T: (07) 5554 5227