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Our Official Bloomberg Tier One solar panels   Bloomberg-logo


Panel Size options 250w, 255w or most popular 260w. Panels can also be bought in 275w, 300w and 310w.


Currently our most popular solar panel due to Jinko being a full tier One solar module listed on the Official Bloomberg Bank-ability Report. Jinko is the 2nd largest tier one corporation in the world with local head quarters in Brisbane and excellent customer services. (AVAILABLE)




Trina is the largest Tier one solar manufacturer in the world for 2016 listed on the Official Bloomberg Bank-ability Report. Very high premium quality official tier one modules available. The most popular choice for customers looking for the highest quality product and happy to pay a small premium over Jinko . (AVAILABLE)





growatt-inverter Growatt_Monitor

Growatt is our most popular choice. Best value for money and excellent customer service. (AVAILABLE)





Sungrow is a very compact unit that is a very popular choice with our customers for rural areas due to zero export option. (AVAILABLE)

  • 5 year Warranty standard (10 years optional $195)
  • WIFI only
  • 1.5kw to 5kw Single Phase (Dual Tracker)





ABB Inverter Pictures

ABB is one of the largest electrical corporations in the world. ABB inverters are 100% manufactured in Italy and are one of highest recommended inverters for grid connected properties. (AVAILABLE)

  • 5 year Warranty standard (10 years optional $295)
  • WIFI only ($295)
  • UNO 1.5kw to 5kw Single Phase (Dual Tracker)
  • TRIO 5.8kw to 27.5kw 3 Phase (Dual Tracker)




Fronius is the fasted growing inverter brands we stock. Fronius is 100% manufactured in Austria and will be compatible with the Tesla battery that’s due to be release in Australia in 2016. (AVAILABLE)

  • 10 year Warranty Standard
  • WIFI Included
  • PRIMO 1.5kw to 5kw Single Phase (Dual Tracker)
  • SYMO 5kw to 30kw 3 Phase (Dual Tracker)
  • Hybrid Compatible



SMA is the Largest inverter manufacturer in the world. With 100% German produced and manufactured products SMA carry’s a premium price costing around 15% more than their other European counter parts ABB and Fronius. SMA is our 3rd most popular inverter sold to customer looking for the highest quality unit and prepared to pay a small premium.

SMA is Hybrid compatible however the components (Sunny Island) must be bought through SMA. (AVAILABLE)

  • 5 Year Warranty Standard (10 Year Optional $395)
  • WIFI Included
  • SMA 1.6kw to 5kw Single Phase
  • SMA Tri-Power 5kw to 50kw (3 Phase)
  • Hybrid Compatible






Grace solar racking is one of the worlds leading solar racking corporations dealing. We used the top quality materials with marine grade stainless steel fixings.

  • 316 Stainless Steel bolts, nuts and fixings (100% Marine Grade)
  • Anodized dipped aluminum rails, mid and end clamps.



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